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Applying For a Google AdSense Account

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So it looks like you are interested in applying for a Google AdSense Account, Great! Here’s how it’s done. Now of course anybody with a blog or a website can apply for a Google AdSense account, but to get approved you’ll need to do a couple of other things too. But to actually apply for an AdSense account is very easy. First just go to google. สมัครufabetเว็บไหนดีทีสุด

com/adsense click the button that says “sign up now”.

Under website information it’s going to ask you for your primary URL. Whether you own a website or blog doesn’t really matter because Google accepts both, either way you’ll want to go ahead and list it here. Then just select the primary language of your site. Google AdSense supports all types of different languages everything from Arabic to Vietnamese.

Next you will check two boxes, the first box says that you agree NOT to place ads on sites that include incentives to click on ads. The second box agrees not to place AdSense ads on sites that include pornographic content. For you to be approved by Google you will have to agree to and follow these rules.

Under Contact Information you’ll need to select an account type, your choices are individual or business. If you’re not sure which type of an account you have, just place your cursor over the top of the question mark and an explanation of the two account types will pop up. After that select your country or territory, it could be Australia, Zimbabwe, or wherever you might be.

Now you need to list your first and last name, address, city, state, zip and your telephone number. Remember, it’s very important that you fill out everything that it asks for and that you do it correctly because this is how you will be receiving your checks.


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